5 Commanders fighting for their future beyond 2023

Washington has some names that may not be in the same position come next year.
Washington Commanders, Antonio Gibson
Washington Commanders, Antonio Gibson / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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2. Antonio Gibson, RB

This is a pivotal year for Antonio Gibson, who has been back and forth within this Washington depth chart since being drafted in 2020. The former third-round pick has come on in recent weeks as a pass catcher and has at least five receptions in the last three games, proving he is still a functional and multifaceted running back.

The problem for Gibson, though, is that unless you are one of the best backs in all of football, you rarely get an opportunity to sign more than a one or two-year deal after your first contract. Gibson very well could be in the realm of players that signs on as a third-down type of back for another team in 2024, but won't be a feature back for the remainder of his career.

The running back landscape has changed. That's just the way it is. Gibson is a talented player, but mental errors and an occasional fumble have also hurt his stock over the years. He has a lot of quality physical traits, but after four years in the league, he likely has seen the most opportunity he will have had over his career.

Unless the Commanders want to bring him back and they agree to a team-friendly deal, Gibson could be auditioning for another gig in order to extend his life in the NFL next offseason.