Commanders deep dive: Should Sam Cosmi switch back to offensive tackle?

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Sam Cosmi
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Solutions for the Commanders OL

Since the Washington Commanders seem utterly baffled by how to construct an offensive line, I will offer a couple of helpful tips.

1. Move Sam Cosmi back to the right tackle position and leave him there. If he is struggling, then try coaching him up for a change.

Honestly, can you think of a single lineman Washington has either drafted or brought in as an undrafted free agent who has improved in the past four years? There isn’t one unless they came into the Commanders already formed - Charles Leno Jr., Cornelius Lucas, Wes Schweitzer. That has to change.

2. Lock Mason Brooks in the weight room until his upper body catches up to his legs and attitude. I think he might enjoy that. If you want to try shifting a college tackle to guard - do it with him, not Cosmi.

3. Sign Marquis Hayes from the Arizona Cardinals practice squad. He is a huge man with great strength.

Hayes is a natural guard. He may not move as well as you’d like, and his poor vertical at the NFL Scouting Combine is worrisome. But in brief glimpses, he has shown the ability to move people inside, which is something the Commanders desperately need.

4. This is a multi-part suggestion.

Step No. 1: build a time machine. Step No. 2: don’t alienate all your best linemen. Step No. 3: draft John Michael Schmitz or O’Cyrus Torrence instead of Quan Martin in the second round. You know - like every single analyst, fan, and hot dog vendor thought you should.

These things will not immediately fix the problem. For instance, I’m not sure how quickly the Commanders can build the time machine. But they will bear long-term fruit. And they will not make a bad situation - an offensive line in disrepair - worse by turning a potentially first-rate offensive tackle into a mediocre guard.