Former Commanders CB DeAngelo Hall coping well with coaching transition

The former Washington Commanders cornerback is transitioning well to the coaching circle.

DeAngelo Hall
DeAngelo Hall / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Former Washington Commanders cornerback DeAngelo Hall has lifted the lid on his impressive transition into coaching this summer.

One thing DeAngelo Hall never did throughout his glittering career was shirk a challenge. The former Washington Commanders cornerback always guarded the opposition's No. 1 option and held himself to the highest standards - something that made him one of the franchise's best-ever players at the position before injuries began taking their toll.

Hall eventually called it a day after the 2017 season. Becoming an analyst was the next logical step, but the three-time Pro Bowler is embarking on a new challenge this summer after taking a coaching gig with the Carolina Panthers.

The Panthers spared no expense this offseason to mold an elite-caliber staff under Frank Reich. Hall took on the role of assistant defensive backs coach and looks to assist a talented yet underperforming unit heading into the 2023 campaign.

Hall's presence is already being felt positively based on the improvements made by C.J. Henderson and Keith Taylor Jr. this offseason. He has also drawn praise from players and coaches for his smooth integration and ability to get information across effectively.

When discussing his shift in approach from a player to coach, Hall stated via the Panthers' website that it's taken some adjustment. Especially considering he can only do so much in the grand scheme of things.

"It's totally different because you can't go out and physically affect the game; you've got to affect it with your work, you got to affect it with the process, your due diligence. Coaching is a partnership between me and that player to try to get the best out of them. And, you know, I want them to make plays more than I think I wanted to make them for myself. I think the passion and the desire to want to put those guys in a position to make plays is probably even bigger than it was for myself."

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Hall's playing days are long gone and some who've reached the pinnacle find it frustrating when the next generation cannot reach that same level. But the Virginia Tech product is preparing more now than he ever did as a player to ensure the group he's responsible for has no excuses when crossing the white lines.

"I told somebody, I thought I watched a lot of film as a player. But I'm watching a whole hell of a lot as a coach. And it's almost like, damn, what if I watched this much film when I played? I thought I knew what was going on, and now it's ten-fold. And part of that is just a commitment to serve those guys, to make sure I'm crossing every T and dotting every I and making sure I'm watching that film with the intent to put those guys in position to make plays."

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This could be the start of a blossoming career for Hall, who has commanded instant respect within the locker room and brings a certain level of credibility having reached the top of his profession. The Panthers are quietly fancied to win the NFC South next season, which will see some eyes cast on their coaching staff with a view to potential promotions elsewhere.

Hall's coaching journey is in its infancy. Commanders fans will be watching his progress closely and who knows, perhaps it could see him make an emotional return to Washington one day.