Commanders 7-round 2024 NFL mock draft: Ulterior motive edition

Does Adam Peters have an ulterior motive in mind?
Jarvis Brownlee Jr.
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Commanders draft Ben Sinnott

  • Tight End | Kansas State Wildcats
  • Round No. 3 | No. 78 overall

The 2023 tight-end draft class may go down as the greatest ever. The Washington Commanders missed out on it. That is hard to figure given the way they completely ignored 2022 draftee Cole Turner during the season.

It is possible that Turner or the athletically gifted Armani Rogers could develop into a quality receiving tight end, but that remains a major question. Veteran Zach Ertz should be able to fill in for the released Logan Thomas in 2024, but Washington needs to find a young tight end who can work the middle of the field and become a reliable target for the young quarterback.

Ben Sinnott may not be the breakout star Sam LaPorta or Dalton Kincaid proved to be as rookies in 2023, but he fits their profile. He is a solid bet to become a reliable receiving option.

Commanders draft Braelon Allen

  • Running Back | Wisconsin Badgers
  • Round No. 4 | No. 108 overall

I moved back eight spots in a trade with the Minnesota Vikings that got No. 108 and No. 157 picks in exchange for No. 100 and No. 222. Minnesota used the pick on defensive tackle Maason Smith.

When I made the trade, I had no intention of selecting Wisconsin’s powerhouse Braelon Allen with the pick. When presented with the board, the prospect of bringing in a truly dominant power running back was too enticing to pass up.

The Commanders already have strong inside runners on the roster, but Allen has the potential to be better than them. Running almost exclusively inside against Big 10 defenses, he never averaged below 5.4 yards-per-carry in his three years as a Badger. He is not especially fast, but he is patient and has quick enough feet to make moves inside the hole.

If you don’t get a clean shout on Allen, he will run you over. Sometimes he will do that even if you get that clean shot.

Commanders draft Chau Smith-Wade

  • Cornerback | Washington State Cougars
  • Round No. 5 | No. 139 overall

I passed on some of the more physically dominant cornerbacks earlier in the draft. Chau Smith-Wade is the first of two later-rounders who simply made productive plays in college.

Smith-Wade has decent size and speed, but he will not blow anyone away with physicality. Instead, he is a smart, experienced corner who reads patterns and reacts confidently. He makes tackles. He can play in any system.

I think he could develop into a starting-caliber slot corner in short order, but I feel confident he will be effective in a wide range of systems and responsibilities.