Commanders 7-round 2024 NFL mock draft: Ulterior motive edition

Does Adam Peters have an ulterior motive in mind?
Jarvis Brownlee Jr.
Jarvis Brownlee Jr. / Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
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Commanders draft Joe Alt

  • Offensive Tackle | Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  • Round No. 1 | No. 3 overall

The exact trade offer I wanted arrived.

The New England Patriots offered picks No. 3, 34, and 68, along with their first-round pick in 2025, to move up one spot to No. 2. I also gave them my second-rounder - No. 40 overall.

New England took Drake Maye. This left the Washington Commanders with Jayden Daniels still on the board. But I did not take him. I felt that with the increased draft capital I received, I would be able to get one of my top five quarterbacks. As previously mentioned, I don’t see enough distinction between the quarterbacks from 2-5 to turn down a good offer.

Instead, I took the surest thing in this year’s draft at a position of desperate need. Caleb Williams or Marvin Harrison Jr. may develop into better players than Joe Alt, but if you were placing a bet on who is most likely to wind up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame from this class, my money would be on the Notre Dame prospect.

He is your cornerstone left tackle for the next decade, regardless of who the Commanders have at quarterback.

Commanders draft Michael Penix Jr.

  • Quarterback | Washington Huskies
  • Round No. 2 | No. 34 overall

If I had to move up into the first round to get Michael Penix Jr., I would have done so. But it played out just as I wanted here.

Penix has injury issues, and he is not the dynamic runner that Jayden Daniels is. But he has a cannon for an arm and displays stand-out leadership qualities.

He improved throughout his college career and came up big almost every time he had to during his senior season. Is Penix a sure thing? Of course not. But neither is Daniels, Drake Maye, or J.J. McCarthy for that matter.

Penix has virtually the same chance of developing into an elite player in the pros, especially with the offensive line the Commanders intend to put in front of him.