Commanders 7-round 2024 NFL mock draft: Missing pieces edition

It's time for Adam Peters to fill in the missing pieces...

Xavier Legette
Xavier Legette / Kara Durrette/GettyImages
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Commanders draft Xavier Legette

  • Wide Receiver | South Carolina Gamecocks
  • No. 40 overall

The Washington Commanders haven't done much to bolster their wide receiver room this offseason. Jamison Crowder was re-signed, but no new additions have come into the fold despite general manager Adam Peters boasting an embarrassment of riches financially at his disposal.

Perhaps those in power feel like they can get more out of Dyami Brown at long last. Even so, the Commanders would be wise to examine an exceptionally deep draft class of wideouts emerging from the collegiate level in 2024.

A large number of prospects are expected to be snapped up in Round No. 1. This leaves the Commanders hoping one falls into their lap unless they decide to move back into the first somehow. Xavier Legette is gaining significant momentum at the right time, which should ensure he's drafted much sooner than originally anticipated.

Legette has physical gifts that cannot be taught. He's a huge wide receiver with NFL-caliber speed and strength. It took him four years to legitimately break out at South Carolina, but the impression left couldn't have been more encouraging in 2023.

The prospect's skill set seems to complement what Terry McLaurin and Jahan Dotson bring to the table. There will be a period of adjustment, but offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury could get him downfield on vertical routes while Legette becomes more accomplished as a well-rounded asset in this scenario.