Commanders 7-round 2024 NFL mock draft: Filling needs edition

Attention is quickly turning to what should be a dramatic Commanders offseason...
T.J. Tampa
T.J. Tampa / Nirmalendu Majumdar/Ames Tribune / USA
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Commanders draft Jamon Dumas-Johnson

  • Linebacker | Georgia Bulldogs
  • No. 196 overall

I swear, I am not taking Jamon Dumas-Johnson just so I can have Jamon and Jamin at the linebacker position. Although it does roll off the tongue effortlessly.

Dumas-Johnson - like Danny Stutsman taken earlier in this mock draft - provides something that the Washington Commanders do not have. That is a rock-solid interior run-stopper.

The Georgia standout is not all that big or all that fast, but he has a lot of experience playing at the highest level of college football. Dumas-Johnson consistently makes plays in the middle of the field. That is the hallmark of every great second-level defender around the league.

He is recovering from a forearm injury which caused him to miss time this season. That should not affect his long-term potential once he gets to the pros. Dumas-Johnson is someone the Commanders should examine closely in their hope of finding another late-round gem. Something they're done relatively well in recent years.

Washington has to get this draft right if they want to begin a serious turnaround in 2024. They have plenty of holes due to a poor draft and poor free agency in 2023. This mock would be a good step toward that rebuild.

Others to consider: Jaylan Ford, Jordan Whittington, Tony Grimes.