Commanders 7-round 2024 NFL mock draft: Decision time edition

The time for talk is almost over...
Xavier Thomas
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Commanders draft Jayden Daniels

  • Quarterback | LSU Tigers
  • Round No. 1 | No. 2 overall

It's been an eventful week for Jayden Daniels. His representation caused a stir by seemingly criticizing the Washington Commanders for how they handled his 30-visit. This, according to his agents as part of damage limitation methods, said it was blown out of proportion. They also spoke with the franchise to clear things up.

In all honesty, this was a proverbial storm in a teacup. The Commanders aren't going to let agents or anyone else dictate what they should do with the No. 2 overall selection. If those in power feel like Daniels is the guy to take this franchise forward, they will pull the trigger.

While there have been very few clues emanating from the organization as part of their new approach to the football operation under general manager Adam Peters, there remains a growing sense around the league that Daniels will be the guy. He's an electrifying prospect riding on the crest of a wave following his Heisman Trophy-winning campaign at LSU. If he carries this to the next level, someone is going to have a franchise-caliber performer on their hands.

Daniels is a supreme dual-threat force with enough arm strength to make throws look effortless downfield. He's got good pocket awareness and goes through his progressions effectively. The one concern centers on his slender build and how his playing style might hold up against more physically imposing defenders in the pros.

Adding more bulk and learning how to evade danger more efficiently through well-timed slides should solve this complication. Aside from that, Daniels looks the real deal. Someone with the intangibles to completely galvanize the Commanders with a smooth transition. He's arguably the most pro-ready signal-caller emerging from the college ranks this year, so the upside is there for all to see.

Commanders trade back into Round No. 1


Adam Peters has the option to trade back into the first round if the right opportunity comes along. The Washington Commanders boast a bounty of assets to make this dream a reality. If one of the offensive tackle prospects high on their board starts to fall, they'd be foolish not to at least explore the possibility.

Peters is probably gauging the landscape as we speak in readiness for this sort of move. In this scenario, a deal is struck with the Cincinnati Bengals at No. 18 overall.

According to DraftTek's draft value chart, the compensation matches:

  • Bengals pick at No. 18 = 900 points
  • Commanders pick Nos. 36, No. 67, and No. 100 = 895 points

They might need to throw in a 2025 selection to get this deal over the line, but it seems pretty even as it stands. Whether Peters will be able to pull something like this off is another matter, but the possibility is there if a willing suitor can be found.