Commanders 3-round 2024 NFL mock draft: Foundation building edition

The Commanders are in a good spot heading into the 2024 NFL Draft.
Ricky Pearsall
Ricky Pearsall / Matt Pendleton/Gainesville Sun / USA
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Commanders draft Ja'Tavion Sanders

  • Tight End | Texas Longhorns
  • Round No. 3 | No. 78 overall

Even though the Washington Commanders signed veteran tight end Zach Ertz in free agency, that shouldn't detract Adam Peters from acquiring another option via the 2024 NFL Draft. This is almost entirely dependent on how the organization views Armani Rogers and Cole Turner - two promising players who remain unknown quantities.

The Commanders have enough selections to adopt the best player available mindset once some pressing needs have been addressed. If Ja'Tavion Sanders is still available at this stage of the draft, those in power would be wise to consider the possibility.

Sanders has some work to do as a blocker, but the impact he makes in the passing game represents an upgrade on anything the Commanders have currently, including Ertz. His explosiveness, wide catch radius, and ability to create separation make him a potential best friend of any new quarterback. This could blossom into a long-standing relationship that can benefit Washington greatly.

Not only is Sanders capable of making a difference all over the field, but his size and athleticism make him a significant red-zone threat. The Texas prospect controls his body well and has the strength needed to make tough catches under pressure. One also cannot do anything but marvel and his contested catch prowess.

Learning behind someone like Ertz before assuming the No. 1 position in 2025 would be a great spot for Sanders. However, he's also got enough about him to suggest a featured role right out of the gate.