Commanders 3-round 2024 NFL mock draft: Foundation building edition

The Commanders are in a good spot heading into the 2024 NFL Draft.
Ricky Pearsall
Ricky Pearsall / Matt Pendleton/Gainesville Sun / USA
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Commanders draft Ricky Pearsall

  • Wide Receiver | Florida Gators
  • Round No. 3 | No. 67 overall

As previously mentioned, the Washington Commanders need to take advantage of an exceptionally deep group of wide receivers set to take their chances at the professional level. Adam Peters also recognizes this fact, resisting the temptation to target one of the marquee free agents in pursuit of finding long-term, cheap difference-makers via the 2024 NFL Draft.

There's a chance Washington addresses this need sooner, but the level of depth indicates a Day 1 contributor can be found over the opening three rounds. Something the Commanders find in this scenario with one of the slickest route-runners in the draft.

Ricky Pearsall's done his stock a tremendous amount of good throughout the evaluation process. His testing at the NFL Scouting Combine was strong and reflects his outstanding tape accumulated from a prolific college career in Florida. He's going relatively under the radar compared to most, but the benefits of acquiring him are evident.

One thing Pearsall knows how to do is get open. He's a savvy route-runner who manipulates opposing cornerbacks superbly. His hands are assured and there is enough elusiveness for the player to become a threat after the catch for good measure.

If the Commanders are intent on drafting a rookie quarterback as most anticipate, finding players capable of creating separation almost at will is the best way to smooth their pivotal transition. Pearsall ticks the boxes in that regard.