Commanders 2024 NFL Draft scouting report: Drake Maye

Is Drake Maye the answer?

Drake Maye
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How would Drake Maye fit on the Commanders?

  • Development QB, long-term starting potential

The Washington Commanders have to get this decision right. Adam Peters would be playing catch-up if he whiffs on his first signal-caller as general manager. After spending so long in quarterback purgatory, adopting a long-term mindset rather than settling for a quick fix is a wise avenue those in power should pursue.

That's exactly what Maye is. Throwing him in at the deep end right out of the gate unless substantial improvements arrive this offseason is asking for trouble. The Commanders have Marcus Mariota to take the reins if they feel more development is needed, but sitting high-end draft selections is becoming less commonplace in the instant gratification modern era.

Jayden Daniels might be more pro-ready based on experience and his memorable final campaign at LSU, but one could make a strong case for Maye having more upside. He's got the tools and the talent, but Tavita Pritchard and Kliff Kingsbury must have a plan in place from the moment he gets into the building.

Maye is the definition of a boom or bust prospect right now. He's got a good head on his shoulders and should progress. That said, the Commanders must give him a level of freedom to develop at his own pace. Anything less would come with grave consequences attached.

If the Commanders take Maye, don't expect miracles immediately. That might happen if everything clicks sooner than expected, but keeping the bigger picture in mind is of critical importance.