Commanders 2023 player grades through Week 2: Offense

Curtis Samuel
Curtis Samuel / Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports
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Sam Cosmi - Commanders OL

  • Player Grade: B

Sam Cosmi has also looked comfortable at right guard. I would still rather see him move back out to right tackle because I think that position suits his athleticism better, but really, he just needs to stay healthy.

The fact that he has had to come out of the first two games – in Week 2 it was just for one play - is worrisome. But the Washington Commanders must be thrilled with their starting guard tandem to date.

Andrew Wylie - Commanders OT

  • Player Grade: C

Andrew Wylie has played reasonably well on most of his snaps. But he has had too many bad breakdowns.

He is not an elite athlete, and it should not surprise anyone that Wylie struggles against speed rushers. I expect he will continue to play at this up-and-down level for the foreseeable future, which could be a very bad sign once the elite defensive fronts of the NFC East begin lining up opposite him.

Charles Leno Jr. - Commanders OT

  • Player Grade: C+

Charles Leno Jr. has been the Commanders' best offensive lineman ever since he arrived from the Chicago Bears in 2021. But I fear he may be losing a half-step and like Wylie, will continue to struggle against top speed rushers.

Finding a legitimate left tackle to take over from him in 2024 should be one of the offseason’s top priorities. Anything less would be malpractice based on what we've seen so far.

There you have it – after two weeks. Perhaps we will see more of Ricky Stromberg and fellow rookie Chris Rodriguez Jr. in the coming weeks. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Byron Pringle on the field a little bit more as well. Then we can evaluate them.

As should be obvious, the most important addition to the offense this season is Eric Bieniemy, who has produced 55 points through his first two games.

It’s not that Washington hasn’t done that over the past several seasons. It’s just that, with Bieniemy, you get the feeling that this is the norm, and not some happy anomaly.

If that continues to be the case, individual player grades should just keep going up.