Clues suggest major domino has fallen in Commanders quarterback search

Could this be the biggest tell yet?
Adam Peters
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This time of year is all about gauging momentum and looking for various tells emanating from the 32 teams with just a few short days remaining until the 2024 NFL Draft. It's been worse than ever regarding the Washington Commanders, who've run a tight ship for the first time in two decades under Adam Peters, leading to no leaks whatsoever from within the building.

While frustrating for some media members who became used to loose lips sinking ships throughout Dan Snyder's ownership, it represented the professional path to take. This is a monumental choice awaiting Peters and the Commanders at No. 2, limiting any unnecessary distractions and becoming a cohesive front-office unit was critical in their quest to choose the correct signal-caller capable of spearheading their exciting new era.

Fans and reporters have been scratching for clues over the last few weeks. People have been relying on hearsay and personal perceptions rather than anything concrete. However, putting together a few notable pieces of information that emerged in relatively quick succession could indicate the first domino has fallen.

Commanders could have made their pick at No. 2

First, a report from Dianna Russini from The Athletic stated the Commanders have been telling those calling about a potential trade to No. 2 that the pick isn't for sale. Peters practically admitted they were happy to stand pat during his pre-draft media availability. That didn't stop the Las Vegas Raiders from calling one more time, presumably to surge into the top three for LSU prospect Jayden Daniels.

Then, there was an interesting nugget from someone with close connections to the team. John Keim of ESPN hinted that the Commanders like J.J. McCarthy more than Drake Maye, although the signs were still pointing toward Daniels being the pick. Again, this is coming through anonymous sources and not from anybody within the organization. But the beat writer is more keyed-in than most.

Finally, there was the revelation made by Chris Simms from NBC Sports. Like most of us, he had no clue what the Commanders would be doing with the pick. However, a recent text from someone he trusts claimed that Washington would not be selecting Maye once Caleb Williams goes to the Chicago Bears at No. 1 overall as anticipated.

It's a lot to take in. But according to these reports, the Commanders will be staying at No. 2, won't be picking Maye, they're fond of McCarthy, and the signs remain on course for Daniels to be the team's next franchise presence under center.

Of course, this is smokescreen season. Everything should be taken with a pinch of salt until official confirmation emerges. That said, Peters said that the Commanders would be reaching a consensus agreement early this week, so these source-led reports might hold more weight than most.

After months of speculation, heated debates, and a whole lot in between, we're in the endgame. The Commanders are about to shape the future of their organization under new head coach Dan Quinn by selecting a quarterback prospect they hope can be a legitimate game-changer for the next decade.

The pick won't please everyone. At the same time, Peters' credentials suggest he's more than qualified to make a decision the Commanders can benefit from in the coming years.

Buckle up…