Championship Sunday has special significance for Commanders this year

The Commanders aren't competing, but the date is notable...

Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

Championship Sunday holds special significance for the Washington Commanders this year as they look to appoint their next head coach.

It's been a long time since the Washington Commanders had any vested interest in Championship Sunday, at least on the field. This franchise has endured underachievement and misery for the best part of two decades. Something that can change under the leadership of Josh Harris, general manager Adam Peters, and whoever they decide to make head coach.

Championship Sunday has special significance for the Commanders this year. It marks the official start of their ability to interview candidates in person who are involved in postseason activities. This could set off a chain of events that eventually lead to an official head coaching appointment sooner rather than later.

Commanders could announce their new head coach soon

Adam Schefter of ESPN stated that the Commanders and Seattle Seahawks are waiting patiently to peak with shortlisted coaches who rightfully put playoff commitments first under league rules. Washington - in particular - is going to be busy in the coming days with four meetings scheduled.

"Of all the people tuned into Sunday's conference championship games, few will be more interested than the Washington Commanders and Seattle Seahawks -- the last two NFL teams with current head-coaching vacancies. The Commanders and Seahawks are eyeing coaches on Sunday's teams and waiting to interview them for their head-coaching jobs. The Commanders are waiting to hold second interviews with Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald and assistant head coach/defensive line coach Anthony Weaver, as well as Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn and offensive coordinator Ben Johnson, league sources told ESPN."

Adam Schefter, ESPN

There is growing speculation linking Ben Johnson with the vacant post. Some have even labeled it as a foregone conclusion thanks to other teams dropping out of the running in quick succession over recent days.

Although Schefter reported that Johnson is still a strong candidate for the job, the Detroit Lions offensive coordinator is not a lock by any stretch of the imagination. The aforementioned candidates are also under strong consideration. Dan Quinn is another in the running ahead of his second interview next week.

"There are some who have viewed Johnson as the "presumptive favorite" for the Washington job, but multiple sources insist that is not true. While Johnson could land the Commanders head-coaching job, sources insist that there are other strong candidates -- most notably Macdonald, Weaver, Glenn and Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn -- who remain "very much in play.""

Adam Schefter, ESPN

Whether how things unfold on Championship Sunday has any impact on Washington's final decision remains to be seen. It would be nice to have a Super Bowl-winning coach on board to spearhead the new regime. However, choosing the right leader and the best candidate is more important.

Fans can relax safe in the knowledge smart people are making these choices at long last. No longer is Dan Snyder throwing darts on a board from his luxury yacht and hoping they stick. The Commanders have a clear plan for sustainable growth. After acquiring Peters - the league's hottest general manager candidate - they've already made their intentions clear.

We should be treated to two incredible games later today. For Commanders fans, what transpires in the hours and days following Championship Sunday will be more intriguing.

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