Best and worst case scenarios for the Commanders 2024 draft picks

Life is all about expectations...
Dominique Hampton
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Javontae Jean-Baptiste - Commanders DE/OLB

Best-case scenario

So if Javontae Jean-Baptiste not going to win NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year, what can we expect from the Notre Dame product? He’s largely still a work-in-progress who needs to put on some extra weight and refine his pass-rushing technique. But he was chosen by the current regime, which is something that cannot be said for other young edges like K.J. Henry and Andre Jones Jr.

With four experienced edges ahead of him and several young prospects alongside, Jean-Baptistie might not be able to make the opening-day roster. The best case is that he begins on the practice squad, then moves onto the main roster as an injury replacement during the season and records his first NFL sack.

Also, we writers begin referring to him as JJP, instead of typing out the full name.

Worst-case scenario

With the recent release of Joshua Pryor, Jean-Baptiste is a virtual lock for the practice squad. But he may never rise above that level if players like Henry, Jones, and Jalen Harris outperform him throughout the offseason and when competitive games arrive.

Dominique Hampton - Commanders S

Best-case scenario

Dominique Hampton replaces Jeremy Reaves as the primary backup to Jeremy Chinn at the strong safety spot. He logs a couple of hundred snaps on the defensive rotation.

For this to happen, he will have to stand out on special teams, where Reaves has been a central presence when healthy. Hampton records at least a dozen special teams tackles and does not get torched by Dallas Goedert at a key moment in a game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Worst-case scenario

Hampton gets surpassed on the Washington Commanders depth chart by a player who may not even be on the roster until later in the off-season. This could mean he spends his entire rookie campaign on the practice squad.