Ben Johnson quote tantalizes fans ahead of Commanders interview

It seems as if Ben Johnson is a fan of the new Commanders general manager...

Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson / Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson's recent quote tantalized fans ahead of his interview with the Washington Commanders.

While the Washington Commanders are busy interviewing candidates for their vacant head coaching position, one discussion is gaining more attention than most. Those in power are set to meet with Ben Johnson virtually on Friday. This is the man many believe is the frontrunner to succeed Ron Rivera and spearhead their new era.

The Commanders already have a new general manager in place. They have adopted a traditional method for their staffing infrastructure by hiring a front-office leader first and giving him a big say in who becomes the head coach. This normally enables the duo to mold a close working relationship and hopefully achieve their objectives.

Johnson's primary focus centers on helping the Detroit Lions overcome the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this weekend with an NFC Championship game berth at stake. His exceptional reputation as a progressive play-caller has only shone further this season. Judging by the schematic masterclass versus the Los Angeles Rams, it shows no signs of slowing down.

Ben Johnson praises Commanders GM Adam Peters

When speaking to the media earlier today (Thursday), Johnson did provide some insight into his upcoming meeting with the Commanders. In particular, his thoughts on their decision to appoint Adam Peters.

As you can see in the video shared on social media by Nicki Jhabvala from The Washington Post, it's clear Johnson's been asking about Peters and hearing nothing but good things. This only tantalized Commanders' fans further heading into tomorrow's pivotal introduction.

The Carolina Panthers are also meeting with Johnson tomorrow. They'll have suspect billionaire owner David Tepper and his consultancy firm leading the charge. Perhaps interim general manager Dan Morgan will also be involved in the event he's given the role permanently.

Johnson hails from the region. The chance to coach his home-state team is probably alluring. But the Panthers are in a complete mess thanks in no small part to Tepper's decision-making since buying the franchise.

Things have been equally as unstable in Washington - for a much longer period. However, the new era and landmark changes bring a sense of optimism where there was once nothing but abject misery.

Peters is a charismatic individual with a clear direction for the Commanders. He'll be selling this to Johnson as much as the play-caller will be outlining his credentials to those in power. If they hit it off, an in-person interview will follow. This will probably include Magic Johnson, who'll only lend further weight to the ambitious plans being made behind the scenes.

Things should become clearer over the next few days. There is significant momentum building behind Johnson becoming Washington's head coach. But make no mistake, Tepper is unlikely to go down without a fight and will offer a whopping contract to get his man.

This is not the tough sell it once was. Majority ownership partner Josh Harris wasted no time in putting his grand proposals into action. Peters became convinced this was the place for him. He didn't even take other interviews. One of his first big tasks will be to convince Johnson of the same thing.

Buckle up. Another intriguing few days await.