Analyst outlines objectives for successful Commanders season in 2024

This seems attainable.
Jayden Daniels
Jayden Daniels / Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Nobody is expecting much from the Washington Commanders during the upcoming 2024 season. Expectations increased exponentially after everything across the franchise improved this offseason. That will count for nothing if they cannot put more wins on the board when competitive action begins.

Projections are sketchy surrounding the Commanders next season. Some believe they can shake things up and potentially challenge for the NFC East crown if everything clicks right away. Others think it will take a little longer for this sleeping giant to get back among the contenders.

The truth is somewhere in the middle. There is enough talent to suggest growth can arrive in some capacity. At the same time, there are too many questions about certain position groups to say with any guarantee.

Jayden Daniels holds the key to Commanders' success in 2024

Adam Rank from outlined the primary objectives behind a successful Commanders season in 2024. The analyst preached patience regarding results. After all, Rome wasn't built in a day. He thinks that if rookie quarterback Jayden Daniels proves beyond doubt he can be a franchise-caliber presence under center, that would be the biggest win imaginable where Washington is concerned.

"This is the easiest one to call. It's great if a rebuilding team can become a surprise playoff power like the [Houston] Texans did in 2023, but the [Washington] Commanders shouldn't be upset if they don't do that. The most important piece of information Washington can come away with in 2024 is the answer to this question: Do they have a quarterback who can play? If the defense struggles but [Jayden] Daniels is out there lighting up the scoreboard, I'll consider that a pretty successful season."

Adam Rank,

Daniels holds the key to Washington's future. The Commanders made a significant investment in the former LSU phenom at No. 2 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. He needs to repay this faith by finally providing stability at football's most crucial position.

If Daniels achieves this objective and the Commanders don't get a winning record, it's the biggest silver lining imaginable. It's something those in power can build around with supreme confidence. His NFL journey is in its infancy, but the Heisman Trophy winner looks the part so far.

It'll be a rollercoaster more often than not. But the Commanders did a wonderful job of placing the right support system around Daniels. This should ensure complications are minimal as he looks to take the league by storm.

Daniels cannot do it alone, but he's the great hope. Going through the turmoil Bryce Young experienced with the Carolina Panthers in 2023 is not an option. He must get everyone onside and cement his status as a cornerstone piece through sound production and coming through in clutch situations.

One could argue that placing too much pressure on Daniels' shoulders won't do him any favors. But his mentality and calm demeanor suggest he can overcome almost anything in his path.

This outstanding attitude and high-level work ethic won over teammates and coaches quickly. Getting it done in a competitive NFL setting is the biggest challenge by far.

Make no mistake, the Commanders are counting on it.