9 worst free-agent signings under former Commanders HC Ron Rivera

Ron Rivera made many mistakes in free agency...

Ron Rivera
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Sean Davis - Former Commanders S

Sean Davis was Ron Rivera's first free-agent signing after becoming head coach. The hard-hitting safety was seen as a short-term solution to the team's backend complications. His physical style of play and leadership credentials made him an intriguing arrival as the new man in charge looked to hit the ground running.

Then - to the surprise of most - Rivera excluded him from his 53-man roster before the 2020 season. It's still a mystery to this day, in all honesty. Perhaps there was something missing performance-wise. Perhaps Davis didn't mesh well with the head coach. We'll never know for sure.

Davis lasted two more years before the league looked the other way entirely. An abrupt end to a once-promising career where the former second-round pick is concerned.

Andrew Wylie - Commanders OT

When Eric Bieniemy became Washington Commanders' offensive coordinator, signing Andrew Wylie almost went hand-in-hand. The pair developed a close working relationship during their time on the Kansas City Chiefs. His starring performance during their Super Bowl triumph over the Philadelphia Egles lent weight to the claims he could solve the team's woes at right tackle.

Wylie ended up being Washington's marquee addition in free agency. He failed to meet expectations, giving up countless pressures and nine sacks during his first season in a Commanders uniform. Considering the money allocated to the veteran, it was an immense disappointment.

What the future holds for Wylie is unclear. The Commanders are expected to bring in several reinforcements to their protection via free agency and the draft. That could leave him on the outside looking in when it's all said and done.