9 worst free-agent signings under former Commanders HC Ron Rivera

Ron Rivera made many mistakes in free agency...

Ron Rivera
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What were some of the worst free-agent signings made by former Washington Commanders head coach Ron Rivera during his four-year reign?

Ron Rivera wasn't just Washington Commanders head coach. He also got the final say on roster personnel decisions as Dan Snyder looked to improve the football operation. While there were a few hits, it was largely disappointing over his four-year stint with the organization.

Rivera came in with grand ambitions to take the franchise into a prosperous new era despite the scandal enveloping it away from the gridiron. Four straight losing seasons later and he was out of the door. Josh Harris' ownership group commended his professionalism, but they were never going to trust the respected figure with so many assets this offseason.

Much has been made about Rivera's failings during the draft, but one must also look at his veteran free-agent acquisitions with skepticism. His intent to find band-aid fixes to long-running complications failed to reap the necessary rewards. There was almost no legitimate growth during his tenure, leaving the Commanders with no option other than to hit the reset button.

Before we look forward with a sense of excitement about what's to come, we picked out the nine worst free-agent signings during Rivera's time in Washington.

Ryan Fitzpatrick - Former Commanders QB

This isn't so much about Ryan Fitzpatrick, but rather what his arrival represented. The Washington Commanders spurned the opportunity to take a franchise quarterback at No. 2 overall in the 2020 NFL Draft. Perhaps this was down to taking Dwayne Haskins the year before, but the choice signaled the start of a continued upheaval at football's most important position under Ron Rivera's watch.

Fitzpatrick signed a one-year, $10 million deal in 2021 free agency with Haskins already deemed a lost cause. Unfortunately, the veteran signal-caller was injured after just 16 snaps. Yet another swing and a miss by Rivera at the quarterback position - something that became prevalent throughout his head coaching career aside from lucking into Cam Newton in 2011.