9 potential replacements for Jack Del Rio as Commanders defensive coordinator

The pressure is mounting on Jack Del Rio.
Jack Del Rio
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Commanders could hire Chris Harris

Chris Harris is currently serving as the Tennessee Titans defensive pass game coordinator. But prior to this season, he coached the Washington Commanders' defensive backs for three seasons. He helped develop players like Kamren Curl, Benjamin St-Juste, Jimmy Moreland, and Darrick Forrest.

Were Harris still on staff in D.C., he would be the most obvious choice to take over as an interim coordinator were the Commanders to make an in-season move with Jack Del Rio. He will be a hot candidate for coordinator jobs over the next several seasons, and Washington would be smart to bring him back.

Though he is not at the top of my wish list, I think he is the most likely candidate to become the Commanders' next defensive coordinator.

Commanders could hire Jerod Mayo

For someone who has only coached for five years and has yet to rise above the position-coach level, Jerod Mayo has become something of a myth. That’s what happens when someone like Bill Belichick takes you under his wing and essentially declares you to be the coach-in-waiting.

Mayo is not leaving the New England Patriots - at least I don’t think he is. If he were to entertain offers, Washington would have to check him out.

He was an excellent and smart player, and in his limited time on the Patriots' coaching staff, Mayo has had nothing but success. He will be a head coach down the road. The idea here is to buy into the myth early.