9 potential replacements for Jack Del Rio as Commanders defensive coordinator

The pressure is mounting on Jack Del Rio.

Jack Del Rio
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Commanders DC replacements in 2024

This is where it gets far more interesting because the field becomes wide open. That includes current NFL assistants as well as college coaches. 

Speculating about this is difficult because it will be largely dependent on whether there is a new Washington Commanders' head coach. If so, who he is? But in a vacuum, here are my top seven choices.

Commanders could hire Manny Diaz

Manny Diaz kind of flamed out as the head coach of the Miami Hurricanes. But now he is back to being a prolific defensive coordinator at Penn State, where he is presiding over one of the best groups in college football.

He has never coached in the NFL, which is the main reason for skepticism. However, he is still relatively young and has enjoyed great success at multiple major college programs. He’s ready for a shot at the pros.

Commanders could hire Jesse Minter

Jesse Minter fits the profile of the current coordinator. He is just 40 years old, but already has experience coaching in the NFL - he spent five years with the Baltimore Ravens coaching defensive backs - and now runs the Michigan Wolverines' defense.

When Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh had to serve a brief suspension at the beginning of this season, Minter took over the head coaching duties. He is, consequently, undefeated as a college head coach.

If you watch Michigan play defense, you can see why the Commanders might look in his direction.