9 potential replacements for Jack Del Rio as Commanders defensive coordinator

The pressure is mounting on Jack Del Rio.

Jack Del Rio
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Commanders could hire Richard Rodgers

The only other place the Washington Commanders could realistically turn in-season if they were to relieve defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio of his duties is to their own staff. An in-house promotion is usually met with approval from the players because they already have a relationship with the coach - something that would also ensure a relatively easy transition period given how things tend to move quickly during the regular season.

Richard Rodgers is the only current defensive coach with the resume to take over. He has been with Ron Rivera for more than a decade stemming from their time together on the Carolina Panthers, so there would certainly be a comfort level.

His position group - which is the safety unit - has probably been Washington’s most successful on defense during his time here. And he has some experience as a defensive coordinator – handling special teams for Carolina and coaching defenses at the college level.

If Del Rio were to go in-season, I think Rodgers is the obvious choice to step into the interim role. But one could make a strong case for bringing in a fresh set of ideas despite the short timeframe attached.

It's a tricky predicament. But if things continue in a similar manner, Rivera needs to protect his own job prospects rather than worry about loyalty to others.