9 potential replacements for Jack Del Rio as Commanders defensive coordinator

The pressure is mounting on Jack Del Rio.

Jack Del Rio
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Commanders DC replacements in-season

If the Washington Commanders decide to part company with Jack Del Rio during the season, they will be largely hamstrung. Their options will be very limited.

Every name at the top of my list for a new defensive coordinator is currently coaching for another NFL franchise. Moves like that in-season are highly irregular.

Of course, as McManus said in The Usual Suspects, “nothing is impossible". But I will remind you that he ended up dead a couple of scenes later.

If the Commanders move on from Del Rio in season, they would almost certainly name an interim replacement. That might come from one of two places.

Commanders could hire Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan comes from the broadcast booth, where his outspoken brashness plays very well. He obviously has the pedigree and would command instant respect within the locker room.

The son of legendary Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan, the protege was a successful coordinator himself for the Baltimore Ravens before landing a head coaching job with the New York Jets. He had an up-and-down ride in New York and with the Buffalo Bills and has not coached since his ugly departure in 2016.

Ryan turns 61 years old in the coming weeks and I suspect he might relish one more bite at the apple. I actually think that his aggressive, emotional coaching style would be a good short-term panacea for a listless Commanders' defense.

But this situation isn’t ideal for someone in Ryan’s shoes, because it is entirely interim. I doubt he’d want the job, though I could be wrong.