9 potential replacements for Commanders head coach Ron Rivera in 2024

The pressure is building on Ron Rivera...

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Commanders could hire Frank Smith

The Miami Dolphins offense has taken the NFL by storm this season. Ron Rivera and the Washington Commanders will need a plan to counteract this supreme threat later in the campaign during a daunting gauntlet that could seal the head coach's fate, which is becoming likelier with every passing defeat.

While most of the credit goes to Mike McDaniel, the influence of offensive coordinator Frank Smith cannot be overlooked, either. His knowledge, innovative concepts, and ability to put his players in the best possible positions to execute are all traits teams search for in the hope of replicating similar success for their franchise.

Smith is a progressive thinker - one only has to look at how players and coaches who've worked with him speak so glowingly to see the sort of impact he makes. Miami's juggernaut offense will see attention come his way, although they'll likely fight hard in an attempt to keep him around.

Most of the league missed a significant opportunity to hire McDaniel from the San Francisco 49ers. They won't want to make the same mistake again with someone like Smith, so he can expect interview requests to pour in during the upcoming 2024 head coaching cycle.

The Commanders are crying out for inspiration on offense more often than not. While Eric Bieniemy's done an admirable job, it's hard to look at the Dolphins' explosiveness and dynamic approach and not think Smith's concepts wouldn't be a massive upgrade.