9 players the Commanders might claim after final roster cuts in 2023

The Commanders will be examining the waiver wire closely after final cuts.

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Commanders could sign Thomas Incoom

The Washington Commanders liked Thomas Incoom enough to schedule an interview with him prior to the 2023 NFL Draft. He was a force at Central Michigan but didn't hear his name called in part because of his size.

Incoom is a bit of a tweener – stuck between a standup outside edge rusher and a defensive end. He has great explosion off the ball, but Washington drafted two other players with those skills in 2023.

For Incoom to make sense for the Commanders, he has to prove his ability as a stand-up linebacker and drop into coverage from time to time. You can never have enough pass rushers and if you watch his college tape, you see a player very good at making plays behind the line.

If Incoom becomes available – and he probably will – I’d like to see him get an audition at linebacker for the Commanders.

Commnaders could sign Christopher Allen or Marcus Haynes

These players are almost identical, and only one of them will make the team. Most people assume it will be Christopher Allen, the very talented edge from Alabama.

He has tremendous athletic gifts but has struggled with injury – including last season. If healthy, Allen could be a dynamic young pass rusher with the skills to play the run and pass from the weak side.

If the Denver Broncos decide Allen’s health is too iffy, they might keep Haynes instead. He was dynamic at Old Dominion. Regardless of which one Denver keeps, the Commanders should snap up the other one.

Putting more high-upside young linebackers with Jamin Davis and Cody Barton would be a major step toward solidifying a potentially excellent defense.