8 Commanders players that might be traded before the 2023 deadline

Talk of a fire sale is building...

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Commanders might trade Logan Thomas

Holding a complete fire sale represents a drastic measure from the Washington Commanders. Ron Rivera might be extremely reluctant given his own job prospects are hanging by a thread, but whether this message comes from higher-ups despite the figurehead having control of personnel remains to be seen.

It's an interesting dynamic and a hot topic for discussion over the next week, that's for sure. Rivera could appease the new ownership group by getting rid of one or two that could be released in 2024 as part of salary-cap cuts, which puts tight end Logan Thomas firmly under the microscope.

Thomas has been relatively healthy this season and is a trusted weapon for quarterback Sam Howell. The former fourth-round selection already boasts 236 receiving yards and two touchdowns, which isn't elite production by any stretch but at the same time, isn't terrible by any stretch.

The converted quarterback is set to count $8.31 million against the cap on the final year of his deal in 2024. That makes Thomas a prime cut candidate with $5.1 million (pre-June 1) and $6.9 million (post-June 1) savings attached, so recouping a draft pick if providing sufficient interest arrives is something to discuss.

Whether there would be a market for Thomas is anyone's guess given his injury history. The financial implications might also put potential suitors off when push comes to shove.