7 wide receiver prospects the Commanders could draft in 2024

The Commanders need help at the wide receiver position.
Ladd McConkey
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Commanders could draft Jermaine Burton

If the Washington Commanders decide to wait a little longer before addressing the wide receiver position, this class is deep enough to compensate for such an approach if Adam Peters can spot diamonds in the rough. Someone like Jermaine Burton enters the discussion on Day 2 or early when Day 3 of the 2024 NFL Draft arrives.

Burton is coming off the best campaign of his college career with 798 receiving yards and eight touchdowns. His ability to stretch the field is renowned. He's not blessed with elite speed, but it's sufficient enough to get by defensive backs and make things happen.

One thing Burton developed after transferring from Georgia to Alabama is tracking the football. He became accomplished in this regard and also enhanced his credentials when it came to spotting soft spots in opposing coverage schemes.

He's drawing plenty of interest from NFL teams. If the Commanders want Burton, they may have to allocate one of their third-round selections in his direction.

Commanders could draft Roman Wilson

If Roman Wilson had come out of college in a different year, he'd be one of the best wideouts in any class. Unfortunately, he's going relatively under the radar - making him a potential steal for one lucky team on Day 2.

Wilson's aggressiveness, savvy route-running, and spacial awareness made him a significant contributor as Michigan emerged with the college football national championship during Jim Harbaugh's final season. His speed and ability to make people miss can be utilized at all three levels of the field. This also looks like the sort of player tailormade for Kliff Kingsbury's offensive scheme.

There are some potential injury red flags to consider, but Wilson remained healthy last season at the best possible time. He's one of many with the scope to hit the ground running, making this an embarrassment of riches for the Commanders in pursuit of wide receiver upgrades for their rookie quarterback, whoever that might be.