7 intriguing prospects who could follow Kliff Kingsbury to the Commanders

Could Kliff Kingsbury bang the table for some familiar faces?
Kliff Kingsbury
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Commanders could draft Brenden Rice (WR)

Following in the direct footsteps of the greatest wide receiver of all time is a tough challenge. That's exactly what Brenden Rice is looking to achieve as he takes his chance at the next level. Emerging from this colossal shadow of father Jerry Rice will be difficult, but he's his own man with a decent skill set that might be of use.

Rice is put together at 6-foot-2 with the athleticism to match. He's explosive out of his routes and also knows how to work the boundary well. Unsurprisingly, the USC prospect is fundamentally sound and times his catches impressively more often than not.

Although Rice couldn't be classed as a top-end downfield burner, his pass-catching is fluid and natural in equal measure. There's also a lot to like about his ability to create yards after the catch to further raise intrigue.

The Washington Commanders have reportedly taken an interest in Rice throughout their pre-draft assessments. He's coming off the best campaign of his college career with 791 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns. This was backed up by an outstanding showcase at assessment events such as the Reese's Senior Bowl.

Once Rice learns how to be more physical and improves consistency week-to-week, someone is going to have a tremendous player on their hands. Having an already-formed relationship with Kliff Kingsbury only sweetens the pot.

Commanders could draft MarShawn Lloyd (RB)

As previously mentioned, the Commanders seem set at the running back position. This won't prevent general manager Adam Peters from adding to the group if he feels an upgrade can be found. Washington is also loaded with draft selections - six in the top 100 and nine in total - which could lead to a few luxury picks along the way.

MarShawn Lloyd is someone who Kliff Kingsbury has previous knowledge of. The dual-threat weapon transfered to USC from South Carolina in time for the 2023 campaign, gaining more than 1,000 all-purpose yards and nine touchdowns as a result of his efforts.

Like Austin Jones, Lloyd isn't the biggest backfield threat to ever grace the league. But he's a lot more explosive than his former teammate and offers far more in the passing game for good measure. This is reflected in draft projections, which see him as a mid-round prospect with upside to play a rotational role immediately.

Once Lloyd spots a gap, he's got the conviction and speed to burst through in the blink of an eye. He's an intelligent runner, which comes in handy in terms of evading oncoming defenders and when blocking assignments arrive. Looking at the running backs in this year's class, he's got more potential than most.