7 guidelines the Commanders should adopt for offensive line improvements in 2023

How should the Commanders approach their revamped offensive line in 2023?

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DON’T get unlucky with injuries

Obviously, this happens to every team at some point. And there is not a lot you can do about it.

As good as the Philadelphia Eagles are, they collapsed three seasons ago when they lost 3/5ths of their starting line for extended periods. But over the past two campaigns, the Washington Commanders have collapsed largely with the loss of one player – Chase Roullier.

The Roullier situation is a plain and simple case of bad luck. He had been the one major developmental success story and had a nice contract extension to show for it. Then he missed the better part of two consecutive seasons.

This is exactly why the Commanders drafted Keith Ismael. Because we all know players will get hurt.

Ismael should have been primed to step in and do the job. The fact that he couldn’t do it left Washington again scrambling to find veteran castoffs to fill in, with varying degrees of success.

I hope this little primer helps Josh Harris as he begins going through the mountainous pile he will find in his inbox when he moves into the owner’s office.

Eric Bieniemy probably knows all this already. I would have thought the offensive coaches and scouts who have been here over the past three seasons would know this too, but apparently, they don’t. So I’m just glad I can help out a bit.