7 enticing free agents with connections to Commanders coaching staff

Could the new regime turn to some familiar faces?
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Commanders could sign D'Andre Swift

Brian Johnson's arrival raised more than a few eyebrows. Things didn't go according to plan during his one season as Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator, but he was well on course to become a future NFL head coach before that. Seeing what he can bring to the Washington Commanders was a calculated risk by Dan Quinn. One that could pay off enormously if he seizes the opportunity.

This could also open things up in terms of acquisitions. Johnson will know a lot more than most about the Eagles' free agents set to hit free agency. One player, in particular, would be a significant addition to the Commanders' running back room.

De'Andre Swift proved beyond doubt that he can be highly productive in the right scheme. Others on Phiiladelphia's offensive scheme might have struggled with Johnson leading the charge, but that wasn't the case where the former Georgia standout is concerned. Want proof? His 1,263 all-purpose yards and six combined touchdowns should do the trick.

Swift might be looking for a big payday Philadelphia cannot afford in free agency. This plays right into Washington's hands with the amount of salary-cap space at the team's disposal. What the Commanders need to figure out is whether more is needed alongside Brian Robinson Jr. and Chris Rodriguez Jr. if pending free agent Antonio Gibson takes his chances elsewhere.

Having someone with Swift's on-field vision and ability to absorb contact wouldn't hurt depending on the money involved. He'd be a ready-made replacement for Gibson. One could also make a strong case for the player being an immediate upgrade based on his production last season.