7 Commanders players who need extended reps in 2023 regular-season finale

It's time to see what these Commanders players can do...

Cole Turner
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Mason Brooks/Nolan Lauffenberg - Commanders OL

This is a twofer. Both of these young offensive linemen are on the practice squad. Therefore, I don’t have much sense of which of the two is more deserving of a shot.

I do not think Saahdiq Charles should be benched. I do think the Washington Commanders should use a rotation at guard to see if either Mason Brooks or Nolan Laufenberg can stand up to quality NFL interior defensive linemen.

This is not usually what a team would do. Usually, you want and need cohesiveness from your offensive line. You don’t rotate players. But I would do it in this particular circumstance.

Brooks is a college offensive tackle who showed some promise during the preseason. I would audition him at the guard spot to see what he’s got.

Laufenberg, a natural guard, has been on the practice squad since - I want to say - 1947. It’s time to put him out there.  

I have to admit I was surprised to hear analyst Mark Schlereth proclaim that Charles was a building block for the Commanders’ protection. Four years into his NFL career, that is still debatable.

Maybe he will be here next year - maybe not. On the chance that he is not, we need to see whether one of these two young guys can step in, at least as a reliable backup.