7 best prospects remaining for Commanders after 2024 NFL Draft Day 2

The Commanders can round off an exceptional draft on Day 3.
Jeremiah Trotter Jr.
Jeremiah Trotter Jr. / USA TODAY NETWORK
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Commanders could draft T.J. Tampa

  • Cornerback | Iowa State Cyclones

The Washington Commanders drafted a cornerback when Mike Sainristil became one of their second-round selections. The Michigan prospect is expected to fill the nickel role within Dan Quinn and Joe Whitt Jr.'s defense according to general manager Adam Peters, which indicates Quan Martin could be switching to the backend in pursuit of bringing more out of the former Illinois standout.

That said, the Commanders are in a position to select the best prospects available regardless of need. Looking at T.J. Tampa's credentials, he's arguably one of the best remaining and was expected to be taken much sooner than this looking at most pre-draft outlooks.

The Iowa State prospect is a fluid mover with nice reactionary skills and enough speed to close space quickly. He's a willing contributor on running plays and tracks the football well downfield. Once Tampa eradicates some discipline issues from his game, he could step into a prominent role while also assisting special teams if the Commanders went down this route.

Commanders could draft Jeremiah Trotter Jr.

  • Linebacker | Clemson Tigers

After signing Bobby Wagner and Frankie Luvu in free agency, it came as no surprise to see the Washington Commanders ignore adding another linebacker early in the 2024 NFL Draft. That could change on Day 3, and there just so happens to be an intriguing option with already close ties to the organization still waiting to hear his name called.

Jeremiah Trotter Jr. is following in the footsteps of his father in the same position he starred throughout an All-Pro career, some of which was spent in the nation's capital. He's seen by many as a little undersized, but the explosiveness, technique, and instincts mean the scope for growth is high once the player takes on professional coaching.

The Clemson standout is a born leader who displays maximum effort on almost every snap. This will be a feel-good story in no uncertain terms, but Adam Peters could do far worse than examine his credentials in greater detail despite not having a fourth-round selection to call upon.