7 best prospects remaining for Commanders after 2024 NFL Draft Day 1

The Commaders have a bounty of draft picks on Day 2.
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Commanders could draft Ben Sinnott

  • Tight End | Kansas Jayhawks

Despite signing veteran Zach Ertz after releasing Logan Thomas, the Washington Commanders could use a dependable young tight end to put alongside the former Pro Bowler. This is dependent on what the coaching staff and Adam Peters think of the options already around. If they don't think the likes of Cole Turner and Armani Rogers are good enough, one couldn't dismiss the possibility of another option coming into the fold on Day 2.

Of all the options available, Ben Sinnott arguably boasts the most long-term upside. The Kansas prospect has the physical gifts and assured route running to be a complete package with further refinement. He can catch well under pressure and is developing his prowess in the red zone. How much longer the player lasts is debatable, but the Commanders might have to take him at No. 40 overall for fear of missing out entirely.

Sinnot looks like an upgrade on Rogers or Turner. Having an experienced figure like Ertz to lean on for advice and guidance would be a significant asset throughout his early development in 2024.

Commanders could draft Roger Rosengarten

  • Offensive Tackle | Washington Huskies

It wouldn't be the biggest shock in the world to see Adam Peters double-dip at the offensive tackle spot on Day 2. The right opportunities must present themselves, but the Washington Commanders have the capital to prioritize this key need before turning their attention elsewhere a little further down the pecking order.

Roger Rosengarten is someone who's gained substantial traction at the right time. He's got position versatility - operating on either edge with equal effectiveness. He's not the most fluid mover, but he's surprisingly quick into his stances and is technically sound enough to keep opposing rushers at arm's length.

If the former Washington standout can work on his counter moves and ability to recover effectively, this could be something the Commanders contemplate. They might need to take him in the second round given his recent momentum, but asking him to full starting responsibilities immediately is pushing things unless there is significant progress made throughout offseason workouts.