7 best prospects remaining for Commanders after 2024 NFL Draft Day 1

The Commaders have a bounty of draft picks on Day 2.
Cooper DeJean
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The Washington Commanders finally confirmed their franchise quarterback when they took Jayden Daniels at No. 2 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. But for Adam Peters and his staff, this was just the first - albeit the biggest - piece of the puzzle during a pivotal selection process for the organization.

Washington reportedly tried hard to trade back into the first round for premier left tackle to no avail. It wasn't for the want of trying, with Peters said to have started in the teens and continuing until every viable option came off their board. This piles on additional pressure to get the team's rich assets on Day 2 right to give their roster revamp another significant boost.

Peters should have a plan in place for almost anything. The general manager is a respected talent evaluator who knows the value of positional needs versus overall talent. With five picks over the second and third rounds, it puts the Commanders in a strong spot in their quest to plug holes and bolster depth over their remaining selections.

After a flurry of quarterbacks went early and offensive linemen flew off the board throughout the first round, there are plenty of decent prospects available for the Commanders. Some positions need help more than others, but nothing can be completely dismissed thanks to the flexibility typically associated with so many picks.

With this in mind, here are seven intriguing prospects the Commanders might consider on Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Commanders could draft Cooper DeJean

  • Defensive Back | Iowa Hawkeyes

Despite alleviating concerns about his recent injury thanks to a sensational display of athleticism at his pro day, Cooper DeJean still fell out of the first round. The defensive back should be a hot commodity on Day 2, so whether he'll still be around when the Washington Commanders go on the clock at No. 36 overall remains to be seen.

DeJean's skill set looks like something head coach Dan Quinn and defensive coordinator Joe Whtt Jr. could develop into a highly productive NFL performer. His physical stature looks capable of playing anywhere across the secondary. The Iowa prospect is unfairly tabbed as a slot specialist, but he's got the agility and speed to be an outside coverage presence with a smooth transition.

If the medical assessments are satisfactory, it's something for the Commanders to consider. At the time time, his skill set was similar to that of Quan Martin, who was taken in the second round last year by Ron Rivera.