6 potential starting quarterbacks for the Commanders in 2024

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Commanders could draft Caleb Williams

This would be a fairytale.

Caleb Williams is from the D.C. area and is a Washington fan. He's also on track to become the No. 1 overall selection in the 2024 NFL Draft barring any unforeseen circumstances.

Williams has traits that cannot be taught. He's got that magic to make something out of nothing. His arm positions on some throws are nothing short of extraordinary. He's a Heisman Trophy winner and a big play waiting to happen at any given moment.

This season didn't go as planned for Williams. The signal-caller had some nice moments, but USC just wasn't at the races overall. The bar was also exceptionally high after a phenomenal 2022 campaign.

One suspects if the Washington Commanders want to bring Williams home to become their franchise presence under center, they'll need to go bold. This would involve a daring trade to No. 1 overall at what could be a significant cost involving current and future assets.

For many fans, this would be a dream come true. Others remain skeptical thanks to the player's performance levels for the Trojans in recent months.

Again, this is all about conviction and having a plan that can enable Williams to thrive. Something that comes with hiring the right football guys and giving them the freedom to make smart choices.