6 potential starting quarterbacks for the Commanders in 2024

This is the biggest riddle of all...

Drake Maye
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Commanders could draft Drake Maye

Drafting and developing a quarterback comes with obvious benefits. It's a cheap contract to build around for sustainable success long term. It allows relationships to develop gradually, especially given the rebuilding awaiting a team like the Washington Commanders heading into the offseason.

As previously stated, the Commanders are in a good spot to get a top-level quarterback prospect from the college ranks in 2024. The consensus top-two choices seem to be head and shoulders above the rest. Whether those in power can get one of them into the building is another matter.

Drake Maye has everything one looks for in a modern-day quarterback. The North Carolina sensation can make accurate throws at all three levels of the field. He boasts the mobility needed to escape pressure in the pocket. He also makes use of this by gaining yards on the ground when the situation dictates.

Maye is in contention to be the first player taken depending on what the Chicago Bears decide to do with the No. 1 pick. If the Commanders are convinced, then a small surge up the draft order should be contemplated given how rich they are in assets currently.

The Commanders could do far worse than look in Maye's direction. Washington now has the No. 2 pick after Week 17. So this prospect is becoming more realistic with every passing defeat.