5 winners and losers from the Commanders' win vs. Cardinals in Week 1

Jonathan Allen
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Loser No. 1

Antonio Gibson - Commanders RB

Hopes were high that Antonio Gibson could become an impactful player for the Washington Commanders under offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy's guidance. Brian Robinson Jr. clearly evolved into the lead running back during the 2022 campaign, but his teammate's experience in the passing game is something that might be of use in third-down and other crucial situations.

This wasn't exactly the best start for Gibson all things considered. He did bring in his only target for 10 receiving yards, but a costly fumble coupled with nine rushing yards from three carries meant the former Memphis star was a hindrance rather than contributing anything positive.

Gibson is in the final year of his deal and considering how things are unfolding for running backs around the league who are looking for extensions, this was the worst possible start to the campaign. There is enough talent to turn his fortunes around, and it's also worth remembering that there is a lot of football left to play before the Washington Commanders come to an official decision over his future.

While Gibson will probably be relegated to a complimentary role, Bieniemy should have a few tricks up his sleeve moving forward. But make no mistake, things could get complicated for the player if ball security remains an issue.