5 winners and losers from Commanders triumph at the Browns in Preseason Week 1

Quan Martin
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Winner No. 2

Chris Rodriguez Jr. - Commanders RB

One of our bold predictions before the game was Chris Rodriguez Jr. going over 100 yards rushing. While the sixth-round selection didn't get anywhere close to that number, he was the most impressive Washington Commanders running back at the Cleveland Browns by a considerable margin.

With the likes of Jaret Patterson and Derrick Gore struggling to find the right seams, Rodriguez took full advantage. He looks locked in to become the Commanders' No. 3 option behind Brian Robinson Jr. and Antonio Gibson barring any major setbacks in the coming weeks - something that was cemented by this outstanding showing.

Gaining 7.8 yards per carry represents an exceptional contribution from Rodriguez. It was a small sample size with five carries, but something that can give the one-time Kentucky standout confidence that he genuinely belongs at the next level.

It'll be interesting to see if the Commanders increase Rodriguez's workload over the next two weeks. Spreading the wealth was the primary objective in Preseason Week 1, but this could change depending on how Eric Bieniemy and his staff evaluate everything upon further film examination.

Regardless of what comes next for others, Rodriguez should be part of the plans. And if he can gradually enhance areas of his game such as pass blocking that need improvement, the Commanders might have a steal on their hands.