5 winners and losers from the Commanders heartbreaking loss at Eagles in Week 4

It was so near, so far for the Commanders...

Emmanuel Forbes
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Loser No. 2

Jack Del Rio - Commanders DC

One could point fingers at Jamin Davis and Cody Barton from the linebacking corps for putting together yet another dismal effort, but that's a broken record at this point. Therefore, we'll spend some time focusing on defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio.

The Washington Commanders have far too much talent on defense to be underperforming like this. They've given up 104 points over the last three games and there seems to be almost no innovation whatsoever to the game plans from week to week, which is a real concern.

Del Rio needs to carry the can for this. He is a former head coach with vast experience of running defenses, but there also seems to be a reluctance when it comes to moving with the times and coming up with formulas to counteract how things are unfolding around the league.

This inability to change is hurting some gifted players - many of whom are looking to get paid during or after the current campaign. Del Rio needs to find ways to maximize the weapons at his disposal, which starts this Thursday night during a winnable game against the Chicago Bears at FedEx Field with the entire NFL world watching.

Anything less than significant adjustments indicates that Del Rio feels like there's nothing wrong with his current schematic concepts. Looking at his things have unfolded in recent weeks, that couldn't be further from the truth.