5 winners and losers from the Commanders heartbreaking loss at Eagles in Week 4

It was so near, so far for the Commanders...
Emmanuel Forbes
Emmanuel Forbes / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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Loser No. 1

Emmanuel Forbes - Commanders CB

Emmanuel Forbes has all the athletic gifts one looks for in a potential NFL shutdown cornerback. However, it was a rough afternoon at the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 4.

Forbes was targeted heavily by the Eagles' passing attack throughout. He had some nice moments - especially over intermediate routes - but he was also burned plenty when going up against stud wide receiver A.J. Brown.

Just why defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio continued to put Forbes on Brown given the way things were unfolding is anyone's guess. The wideout's physicality and route-running prowess were simply too much for the former Mississippi State standout to cope with so early into his NFL journey, which unfortunately became a real weak link.

The Washington Commanders defense is not thriving right now. This is the last thing many analysts projected - especially after such a dominant first game - so adjustments must be made for this group to finally start realizing their undoubted potential.

As for Forbes, nobody was expecting miracles right away. Head coach Ron Rivera freely admitted that the Commanders should expect some difficulties as the rookie transitions to a professional environment, but to deem him a bust just four weeks into his career is absolutely asinine.

Forbes has the skill set to bounce back. But it'll be interesting to see if other teams adopt a similar approach after seeing him struggle versus Brown.