5 winners and losers from the Commanders' defeat at Seahawks in Week 10

It was yet another game that got away...

Brian Robinson Jr.
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Loser No. 2

Jack Del Rio - Commanders DC

Time is running out for Jack Del Rio.

The Washington Commanders defensive coordinator couldn't adjust enough in-game to counteract the shift in dynamic from the Seattle Seahawks, who switched to a pass-heavy attack. This was down in no small part to the lack of pass-rushing prowess without the recently traded defensive end tandem of Montez Sweat and Chase Young.

It looked for a long time as if the Commanders might be able to pull off a major upset. Their offense was clicking and quarterback Sam Howell did more than enough to win the game, but Del Rio's defense was once again Washington's downfall.

Giving up 489 total yards is unacceptable. Del Rio's outdated concepts are holding this team back and even when he did call blitzes to everyone's surprise, they didn't have the desired effect.

When the Commanders examine the wreckage of what looks like another losing season, fingers are going to be pointed squarely at Del Rio's defense. Ron Rivera has been reluctant to make staffing changes, but that'll be taken out of his hands by Josh Harris' ownership group at some stage.

Rivera is another firmly on the hot seat. Even if the head coach does somehow get a reprieve - which seems highly unlikely at this juncture - he cannot keep faith with Del Rio and may even have to pull the trigger much sooner than that in pursuit of saving his job.