5 ways Commanders can avoid disaster during the 2024 NFL Draft

The Commanders must pass the upcoming draft with flying colors...
Adam Peters
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Commanders must exploit rich WR class

Much like the situation at offensive tackle, the Washington Commanders have almost stood pat with their wide receiver options despite losing Curtis Samuel to the Buffalo Bills in free agency. Olamide Zaccheaus was the only new face, but expecting him to be anything more than a complimentary piece is asking for trouble.

Again, how deep this wide receiver draft class is could be factored into Adam Peters' thought process. Even if the Commanders wait until some stage of Day 2 to bolster the room, there should be plenty of options available who could accumulate prominent targets right out of the gate. That's not the case during most drafts, but this is an exception to the rule.

If the Commanders can lock in on a wideout prospect or two capable of creating separation consistently, it'll make things much easier for their chosen signal-caller at No. 2 overall. Given the lack of reliability in the unit aside from Terry McLaurin, anything else would be organizational malpractice.

Commanders must choose the right QB

The most important way to avoid disaster of all. Adam Peters and the Commanders must find the right quarterback to spearhead them into an exciting new era. Something they can potentially accomplish at No. 2 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Trading Sam Howell to the Seattle Seahawks almost guarantees this is the direction Peters is going to go. Which signal-caller from the college ranks ends up being the guy remains a hot topic of debate, but the Commanders haven't shown their hand as yet and probably won't until the big night arrives.

This looks like a battle between Jayden Daniels, Drake Maye, and J.J. McCarthy. One could make a strong case for any of them looking at the skill sets they bring to the table. Peters also stated he's looking for the right leadership qualities in their next quarterback. Something he values just as highly.

To say this is a franchise-altering decision would be a massive understatement. The Commanders' trajectory will be determined by whether this pick is a success or not. Thanks to Peters' presence, everything should go off without a hitch.