5 UDFAs that could surge into roster spots at Commanders' 2024 camp

Could NFL dreams come true for these undrafted free agents?
Tyler Owens
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Any player that went undrafted was able to be picked up and signed to a deal by any NFL team. The Washington Commanders went out and signed 11 UDFAs after the college selection process concluded.

Not hearing your name called during the draft is heartbreaking. However, it doesn’t always mean it’s the end of the line. There have been several players who created long careers out of starting as undrafted prospects.

Legends like Kurt Warner, Warren Moon, Dick Lane, Antonio Gates, Jason Peters, James Harrison, Adam Vinatieri, and more come to mind when thinking about some of the best UDFAs of all time. They didn’t just achieve longevity against the odds, they became elite and enriched football history.

The Commanders' latest batch of undrafted recruits might not reach those lofty heights. But it would be a dishonor to count any of these players out of making a roster spot with a strong training camp in 2024.

Chigozie Anusiem - Commanders CB

Chigozie Anusiem is an athletic standout cornerback out of Colorado State. He was also one of the most sought-after undrafted free agents available.

The Washington Commanders had to outbid half the league to sign him to a contract. Anusiem was given a $50,000 signing bonus and a $300,000 base salary guarantee in his contract. This is a substantial amount for an undrafted free agent looking to make their way in the NFL.

Anusiem allowed just 330 receiving yards and 31 receptions on 48 targets last season. He secured one interception along with two pass breakups. 

The defensive back was not given an invite to the NFL Scouting Combine, but he showcased his athleticism at Colorado State’s pro day. Standing at 6-foot-1 and 200 pounds, Anuseim ran a 4.39-second 40-yard dash and put up a 37.5-inch vertical leap.

Anuseim mixed his athleticism with a good IQ to become an extremely versatile player throughout his college career. He constantly put himself into position to make a play on the ball. The cornerback is not just a flashy athletic player, he also shows good physicality and effort. 

We are all aware of the lackluster cornerback room the Commanders have, so sliding onto the roster as a depth piece would make sense for the most touted undrafted free agent this season. Even if he can’t make noise on defense, expect him to be a valuable special teams player if he makes the team.