5 sneaky threats the Commanders should worry about vs. NY Giants in Week 11

A familiar wide receiver who thrives from the slot, along with two inside linebackers, are among the five sneaky threats...

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Commanders need to control A'Shawn Robinson

He hasn't been a dominant force this season, but A'Shawn Robinson is still the toughest run-stuffer for the New York Giants up front. The 6-foot-4, 330-pounder knows how to absorb double teams, split gaps, and make plays in the backfield if afforded enough space.

Robinson, who won a Super Bowl with the Los Angeles Rams to cap the 2021 season, has three tackles for loss during a trying first season with Big Blue. One of those plays came against the Washington Commanders in Week 7, per Nick Falato of SB Nation's Big Blue View.

The play shows a fundamental flaw in Washington's blocking schemes versus the Giants. Putting a tight end over a defensive lineman as powerful as Robinson is a recipe for disaster.

Eric Bieniemy must adjust by having beefy guard Chris Paul - all 6-foot-4 and 324 pounds of him - slide over to engulf Robinson. Putting some weight on No. 91 can help the Commanders isolate Micah McFadden and another undersized inside linebacker.