5 sneaky threats the Commanders should worry about at LA Rams in Week 15

Kyren Williams and Kobie Turner lead the sneaky threats the Washington Commanders should worry about at SoFi Stadium in Week 15.

Kyren Williams
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What sneaky threats must the Washington Commanders contain in their pursuit of a shock victory against the Los Angeles Rams in Week 15?

Stopping the running game hasn't been a priority against the Los Angeles Rams for a while. But that's changing thanks to Kyren Williams and a new scheme.

Williams is a threat the Washington Commanders can't ignore at SoFi Stadium in Week 15. He's far from the only under-the-radar playmaker head coach Ron Rivera and his staff should worry about.

Commanders need 11 hats to the ball vs. Kyren Williams

Kyren Williams gashed the Baltimore Ravens for 114 rushing yards on 25 carries in Week 14. It was his fourth 100-yard game of the season.

Amassing triple digits on the ground has become easy for Williams thanks to the Los Angeles Rams' reliance on duo-blocking schemes. Double teams inside are creating massive running lanes, but the running back is also thriving thanks to his ability to shed tackles.

The 23-year-old broke 11 tackles in Baltimore, according to PFF LA Rams.

It's going to take getting 11 men to the ball for the Washington Commanders to stop Williams in his tracks. Swarming to the ball is a mindset as much as an athletic endeavor. Whoever hits him first will need the rest of his buddies to arrive in a hurry.

Williams is winning with power, but the Rams have another underrated skill player whose speed presents a problem.