5 sneaky threats the Commanders should worry about vs. Dolphins in Week 13

Christian Wilkins is the biggest name among the sneaky threats for the Miami Dolphins who the Washington Commanders should worry about in Week 13.

Christian Wilkins
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Commanders can't ignore Zach Sieler

Christian Wilkins has become such a problem, that even his teammates are starting to feast on offenses. Nobody is benefiting more than fellow defensive tackle Zach Sieler, who has recorded a career-best five sacks.

Playing next to Wilkins means Sieler naturally sees more one-on-one opportunities. It's to the 28-year-old's credit he's taking full advantage of those chances.

Those trying to escape Wilkins usually end up running right into Sieler's grasp. The way Tyrod Taylor did when the Miami Dolphins beat the New York Giants in Week 5, per Sports 24/7.

Controlling the Dolphins' double act inside won't be easy, but the Washington Commanders can at least slow Wilkins and Sieler down. Provided Eric Bieniemy commits additional blocking to help solve the problem.

Given how the Commanders' offensive line has been bullied by interior linemen like Dexter Lawrence and Osa Odighizuwa in recent weeks, it's obvious the men up front need some help. Yet, those who aren't putting their hands down must still be mindful about blocking assignments against some of Miami's dangerous blitz packages.