5 prospects Commanders can draft to make new quarterback's life easier

The Commanders need to surround their new quarterback with dynamic weapons.

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Commanders could draft Amarius Mims

As previously stated, nothing is more important than finding a new left tackle for whatever quarterback the Washington Commanders choose at No. 2 overall in the 2024 NFL Draft. Solidifying the blindside is critical to ensure an immediate upturn in performance levels. Anything less would be organizational malpractice.

Fortunately, smarter football people are making the decisions these days. Adam Peters knows what is required and won't hesitate to strike with conviction if he feels like it's the best thing to do. If that means going up back into the first round to land their left tackle of choice, it's a small price to pay for stability.

In this scenario, Amarius Mims enters the equation. He's a huge figure with the length and athleticism to match. The Georgia prospect has everything one looks for in a franchise-caliber edge protector at the NFL level. He's well put together and thrives in pass protection, which is exactly what the Commanders have craved since Trent Williams was traded to the San Francisco 49ers.

Mims needs to get lower when coming up against speedier edge rushers and some technical flaws also need to be rectified. That said, he's got enough physical upside to suggest improvements can be made quickly once the player gets some genuine professional coaching.

The cost to move up might be offputting, but the rewards would be substantial.