5 potential replacements for Commanders GM Martin Mayhew in 2024

Change starts at the top...
Martin Mayhew
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Commanders could hire Mike Borgonzi

  • Assistant General Manager | Kansas City Chiefs

The Washington Commanders have already looked towards the Kansas City Chiefs in pursuit of better fortunes this season. Eric Bieniemy came on board to control the offense, which has been largely positive aside from the odd blip such as last Sunday's dismal performance against the New York Giants.

Kansas City looks more than capable of defending its Super Bowl crown in 2023. Their skill position players are a concern, but this roster looks well-balanced and stronger than most across the board.

This all starts with strong drafting and sound recruitment in free agency. Mike Borgonzi's role perhaps gets overlooked, but he's been a significant part of the Chiefs' rise to prominence, spending 14 years with the organization and two as assistant general manager under Brett Veach.

Having a concise plan, finding gems lower down the draft, and pouncing quickly on trade opportunities when they arise. These are all key traits Borgonzi's experienced with the Chiefs - something that will serve him well once he gets a general manager position somewhere.

The Commanders could do far worse than look in Borgonzi's direction. Someone who could reset the culture and bring a winning mentality back to this once-proud franchise along the way.

Whichever way Josh Harris' ownership group goes, it'll likely be without Martin Mayhew. Starting fresh isn't easy, but it's a small price to pay for a brighter future.