5 potential replacements for Commanders GM Martin Mayhew in 2024

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Commanders could hire Adam Peters

  • Assistant General Manager | San Francisco 49ers

The NFL is a copycat league. Struggling teams are always looking for ways to follow the blueprint of those more successful franchises around the league, which might be something for the Washington Commanders to consider if the right opportunity presents itself.

There aren't many better at roster construction than the San Francisco 49ers. Aside from the trade-up for quarterback Trey Lance that blew up in their face, almost every move made in recent years has been a home run - something that's put Kyle Shanahan's squad among the leading Super Bowl challengers once again in 2023.

Whether the Niners reach the promised land or not, Adam Peters' name is likely to come up in discussions for any team looking for a new general manager. He's got a strong background in college scouting and has no doubt learned a great deal about what it takes to succeed in the top job from John Lynch, who's always got him close by.

This makes a ton of sense. As previously mentioned, people like Peters should now be jumping at the chance awaiting them in Washington with Josh Harris' ownership group leading the charge.

Bringing the Niners' aggressive approach to the Commanders would be a breath of fresh air. There is also enough draft capital and spare financial resources to hit the ground running in this scenario.