5 potential Commanders candidates to replace Nick Gates

The Commanders are looking for a new starting center.
Nick Gates
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Commanders could sign Aaron Brewer

Aaron Brewer’s career path has been similar to that of Coleman Shelton. He was undrafted out of Texas State in 2020, eventually signing with the Tennessee Titans. He stuck around for a few seasons, providing depth at guard before being elevated to the starting lineup in 2022.

Brewer - who is somewhat undersized as a modern guard - moved to the center position last year and the shift did him a lot of good. He struggled at guard, but he thrived in the middle.

Scheme fit is important for Brewer. A zone-blocking attack that takes advantage of his ability to move and hit the second level will be best. He is not a classic mauler who can overpower behemoths in the middle of the line. He can be very effective in helping guards on double teams and using his feet to move up-field to get blocks on linebackers and safeties. Much will depend on the concepts Washington Commanders' offensive coordinator Kliff Kingsbury plans to run.

He is still only 26 years old. Like Shelton, he should just be entering his prime. Spotrac currently estimates his contract to be in the mid-range, almost exactly what the Commanders committed to Nick Gates last season.